2-4 Years

2-4 Years Electronic Toys

Buying 2-4 years electronic toys for your child should include a book reader. 2-4 year olds can get a head start from electronic book readers and fine tune their spoken language along with their reading skills.

At this age introducing some basic math and spelling electronic toys will help get your child ready for their pre-school years. My first LeapPad is a book reader for ages 3 and up that introduces your child to sounds and letters. As your child gets older you can interchange story books to fit in the LeapPad.

2-4 electronic toysChildren at this age love remote control cars,electronic musical instruments, dolls that sing and talk and phones that light up and talk to them. 2-4 years electronic toys should have big buttons for tiny hands to grasp and turn, battery or wires should be inaccessible to the child.


Things to consider before buying electronic toys for your toddler are this. Is the toy fun? Is the toy safe? What is the toy supposed to do? What age is the toy intended for? Also check the manufacturers suggestions on what is included and not included with the toy. Does the toy need batteries or some special wire or tool to make it work.

We have put together our best picks for 2-4 Years  Electronic toys with pricing below.



2-4 Yr old electronic Toy
 Product Summary 

LeapFrog Scribble and Write
List Price: $21.99
Sale Price: $20.00
(as of 01/17/2018 22:42 PST - Details)

Trace the lights to learn how to write! Children trace the lights to get practice drawing upper- and lowercase letters and numbers. Scribble & Write provides stroke-by-stroke guidance and has a NEW mode that provides instant accuracy feedback. Best of all, Scribble & Write uses a single retraceable surface for ease of use and portability. Appropriate for children ages 3 years and up.

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight
List Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $11.99
(as of 01/17/2018 22:42 PST - Details)

Light up and learn with the Spin & Learn Color Flashlight from VTech. With this learning toy for toddlers, your child will be engaged as they learn all about animals, colors, and numbers!

  • Toy flashlight features exciting songs and music
  • Color changing light with 5 colors
  • Turn the dial to learn 5 animal sounds
  • Press the ladybug button to hear fun sounds and phrases

Light up and learn with the Spin & Learn Color Flashlight from VTech. The toy flashlight excites as it glows with a rainbow of five colors and plays exciting songs and music. Change the colors and listen to five fun animal sounds as you spin the dial and learn about colors and animals. Press the engaging ladybug button to hear phrases and sounds that teach numbers to playful melodies or count along and learn the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Over 50 sing-along songs, music, sounds, and phrases engage learning fun. With its easy-to-grip handle, your toddler will want to take this learning toy flashlight with them on every adventure.

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop
Sale Price: $24.99
(as of 01/17/2018 22:42 PST - Details)

  • Personalise pretend computer play with My Own LeaptopTM
  • Choose and download songs for a custom playlist (Internet connection required)
  • Choose from 8 email messages and personalise for your child to enjoy (Internet connection required)
  • Explore the alphabet, pretend play, music, animals and computer literacy with 6 learning activity stations
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (included)

  • Ertl John Deere Electronic Fishing Pole
    List Price: $19.39
    Sale Price: $16.99
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    John Deere - Electronic Fishing Pole

    VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System - Orange
    Sale Price: $39.99
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System - Orange

    iTikes Map
    List Price: $59.99
    Sale Price: $29.88
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    The iTikes Map Explorer (wt) lets a child explore the world through different maps, learning about countries, cultures, music and more.

    Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100
    List Price: $34.99
    Sale Price: $20.40
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    Create Working Electronic Circuits Snap Circuits Jr (SC-100) comes with over 30 components to create 101 different electronic projects. The pieces, which include snap wires, slide switches, an alarm circuit, a music integrated circuit, and a speaker, snap together easily on the included plastic grid--no soldering required. Each piece is numbered and color-coded to make identifying them easy. These components combine to create working circuit boards just like the ones found inside televisions, radios, and other electronic devices. With its easy-to-follow instructions, Snap Circuits gives your child a hands-on education in how electrical circuits work to run the everyday devices that they're familiar with. They'll also gain valuable lessons in building and in following instructions. The project manual includes large color illustrations and simple directions for each project. The projects include a sound-activated switch, a musical doorbell, a voice-controlled lamp, a flying saucer, and a light police siren. With these projects, children will experiment with things like electric switches, integrated circuits, digital circuits, fuses, and the transformation of circuit sounds into other sounds. Includes: Plastic snap-grid, 32 electrical components, and 1 project manual.Recommended for children 8 and older.

    Toy Violin -- Electronic Toy Violin for Kids
    List Price: $24.99
    Sale Price: $15.95
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    With the press of a button when your child slides the bow across the strings violin plays 24 different songs. This violin is always in key so parents will not be annoyed.

    VTech KidiBeats Drum Set
    List Price: $18.49
    Sale Price: $17.89
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    Vtech kidibeats drum setyour child can rock out and learn with the vtech kidibeats drum set! this drum set for kids comes with a pair of drumsticks that can be used to tap the four different electronic learning drums. your child can drum freestyle or play along to nine pre-set songs in a variety of musical styles. or for more structured play, they can follow the lights on the drums as they learn about letters and numbers. with four ways to play and a variety of fun sounds, your child will love learning to the music with this educational toy! recommended ages:2 - 5

    VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone
    List Price: $14.99
    Sale Price: $5.62
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

    Introduce your little one to the world of smart phones with the Touch & Swipe Baby Phone by VTech. With pretend apps, watch them call home, check the weather and organize their day… just like mom and dad. Includes sliding screen for two modes of play: learning and music.

    The Touch & Swipe Baby Phone by VTech captures your child's imagination with their very own smartphone for role-play fun. Slide between screens for two modes of play on this educational toy with twelve light-up pretend learning apps or switch to music mode to play fun melodies and sing-along songs.

    Vivid colors and a touch screen engage your child as they role-play by calling family, friends, or even their stuffed animals. The "Home" button feature allows you to record and save your home number for learning. With a pretend calendar, clock and weather apps your baby learns about the day while the touch screen and slider builds hand/eye coordination.

    Your child will discover and explore with fun sounds and sing-along songs that introduce ABCs, 123s and first words. Its realistic role-play fun and learning on the go.

    • 2-way sliding smart phone
    • Touch screen features 12 light-up pretend apps encouraging baby to touch and play
    • App activities introduce role-play phrases and vocabulary
    • 15 playful melodies and sing-along songs keep little ones engaged

    VTech - Learning Tunes Karaoke
    List Price: $149.99
    Sale Price: $124.99
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    VTech's Learning Tunes Karaoke machine brings musical fun to your child. The karaoke character features an LCD screen showing a variety of fun facial expressions and animations that keep your future singing sensation engaged while learning songs featuring letters and numbers. With the attached microphone your child feels like a rock star as they jam to 15 different fun tunes.

    VTech - Slide And Talk Smart Phone
    List Price: $14.99
    Sale Price: $11.99
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    The Slide and Talk Smart Phone is a slide phone that allows for pretend texting and cell phone play. The toy features a slide-out keyboard and the LCD screen automatically recognizes when the device is in phone or message mode and adjusts accordingly. The phone also features a phone book that contains four friends who you can text or call. Surprise "wrong number" phone calls from a variety of silly characters adds to the fun. Teaches letters, numbers, counting, alphabetical order. Slide-out keyboard. LCD screen that adjusts for vertical or horizontal play. Phone Book contains four selectable friends. Type and send text messages. Surprise phone calls from fun characters.

    VTech InnoTab 3 The Learning App Tablet, Blue
    Sale Price: $49.99
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    Now kids 3-9 can learn and have fun on their very own learning tablet! Read, play and create with InnoTab 3 the Learning App Tablet by VTech. A more compact and lightweight design features a new directional pad giving your child more ways to play. Improved camera and photo features, color touch screen and G-Sensor for game play and a rechargeable battery pack (sold separately) add to performance enhancement. With hundreds of apps to download, your child will have so much fun they won't realize they are learning. Built for learning and inspired by fun, the InnoTab 3 opens up a world of learning fun for your child.

    VTech InnoTab 3 Learning App Tablet

    Rotating Camera Captures Photos and Videos

    Kids will love taking photos using the 180° 2.0 MP rotating camera with over 55 special effects and using the video recorder to make movies. Children can save and edit their photos and customize them using wacky special effects and stamps. Your child can make the InnoTab 3 their own by recording voice greetings and taking photo wallpapers on this learning tablet. They can even import and listen to their own MP3s with the music player!

    Interactive E-Reader Brings Stories to Life

    The InnoTab 3 Learning App Tablet lets your child explore e-books in an interactive way. Each e-book features story narration, character voices, and vivid graphics to keep new readers engaged. Words are highlighted on the screen as your child reads, and they can touch individual words to see how they are pronounced. Each e-book also comes with a story dictionary to help build vocabulary and reading comprehension. The InnoTab 3 includes one e-book "What’s that Noise?” and more are available for purchase via VTech's Learning Lodge.

    VTech InnoTab 3

    Microphone and D-pad offer more ways to play

    InnoTab 3 combines innovative technology with a developmental learning tool that grows with your child and makes learning fun. With the 4.3 inch color touch screen, microphone, and d-pad, kids can enjoy interactive play with educational games and apps. They can tap, flick, drag and drop, just as their parents do with their own touch-screen tablet device. Kids can use the tilt sensor to interact with games, use the D-pad controller to choose directions, and talk into the microphone to add to the fun!

    The InnoTab 3 also comes with a pop-up, on-screen keypad and two styluses. Kids can take notes, draw pictures, create an address book, or use built-in utilities like the calendar and calculator. Each InnoTab 3 can be personalized for up to four users with different photo wallpaper, user names, avatars, and voice and typed greetings.

    Tablet Includes Apps, with More Available Online

    The InnoTab 3 comes with 15 apps in total plus one free download from Learning Lodge. Onboard activities include Art Studio, Magical Bean Stalk game, calculator, clock, calendar, friends list, notes, and much more. VTech offers an extensive library of games, apps, and e-books to purchase via the Learning Lodge or on individual cartridges. Entertaining game play teaches reading, math, social studies, handwriting, science, problem solving, geography and much more. Games include some of your child's favorite characters.

    VTech InnoTab 3

    Includes 2 GB of Memory with Room for Expansion

    The InnoTab 3 comes with 2 GB of onboard memory and a microSD card slot for memory expansion. Additional content may require a microSD memory card (not included). The memory is expandable up to 32GB with micro SD card (sold separately).

    What's in the Box

    InnoTab 3 Learning Tablet, two styluses, "Read, Play and Create" cartridge, 4 AA batteries, USB Cable, and a Learning Lodge installation CD.

    About VTech

    VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category, is a world leader in age-appropriate learning toys. Since 1976, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products for children from birth to tween. VTech toys deliver "smart play" through the combination of entertaining electronic formats and engaging, age-appropriate content that helps children learn while having fun.

    InnoTab 3
    InnoTab 3
    Learning App Tablet

    At a Glance:

    • 4.3" color touch screen
    • 180° 2.0 MP rotating camera / video recorder, WonderCam with over 55 photo effects
    • MP3 Player
    • E-Reader and story dictionary
    • 2 GB on-board memory, memory expandable up to 32GB with micro SD card (sold separately)
    • 16 total apps included: Art Studio, Magical Bean Stalk game and more; also includes calculator, clock, calendar, friends list, notes and more
    • Microphone and new D-pad offer more ways to play

    Age/Weight Requirements:

    • Three to nine years

    Assembly Requirements:

    • Four AA batteries

    Playskool Alphie
    List Price: $39.99
    Sale Price: $237.46
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    Who better to explore the world with than someone who’s new to it? This Alphie robot figure is on a “field trip” from his home planet and, with a kooky grin and funny faces, it’s his “mission” to introduce your child to important skills and concepts! There’s practically nothing this little dynamo doesn’t want to “talk about,” from letter sounds and shape sorting to patterns, cause and effect, vocabulary development and much more, your Alphie figure is a whole big world of wonder in one little portable robot buddy. As his buttons light up, and as he “sings” and plays music, your child is engaged with fun quizzes, games and a different activity on each card! Informative fun on-the-go is as easy as can be, too, with this little guy’s handled noggin and storage spot for his cards in his backpack. Simply insert one of the activity cards into the chest panel, and the fun begins. There’s a whole lot to explore when you’re a preschooler and this Alphie figure shares one of the most important lessons, too: discovery is tons and tons of fun!

    Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Tablet
    List Price: $26.99
    Sale Price: $31.53
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Tablet

    LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink
    Sale Price: $99.99
    (as of 01/17/2018 23:51 PST - Details)

    LeapPad2 inspires kids to create and explore with front-and-back cameras and video recorders, 4GB of memory, a faster processor and a library of 325+ game cartridges and downloadable apps. Unlock your child's imagination and potential with eBooks, videos, music, creativity studios, games and more!


    Dimensions - 1 x 5.2 x 7 inches Age - 36 months - 9 years