Lego Sets

LEGO Sets Buying Guide

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There are hundreds of different variety sets of LEGO and LEGO’S have been around for a long time. LEGO’s were originally built with wooden blocks and around 1960, the LEGO company changed their block designs to plastic.

LEGO toy sets range from ages 0-adult. It is important  to select LEGO toys that are age appropriate, not only for safety concerns but also for enjoyment purposes, so that the child or person building or playing with them does not lose interest.

For ages 0-6 years old  LEGO makes the Dupo LEGO blocks and the Quatro  LEGO blocks that are larger and easier for small hands to handle.

For ages 6 and up LEGO advances into smaller and more complicated LEGO sets that teaches them the fundamentals of construction and physics.

On all LEGO sets the ages are indicated on the front of the box to guide you which LEGO set is right for your child.

LEGO’s are fun for all ages and some collectors try to collect every unique LEGO brick that’s ever been made!